Hikmat (Tony) Zeer

President & CEO

Christopher Zeer
Vice President

Michael Zeer

Exec. Vice President

Gardenia Zeer
Office Manager


Hikmat (Tony) Zeer, President & CEO
Tony has more than 30 years of experience in real estate development, construction, investments, trading, management, finance, accounting, corporate law, insurance, public relations and international consulting. He has owned and operated several retail properties, handled all types of deals. Presently he is a board member and chairman of several corporations.

Michael Zeer, Executive Vice President
Michael heads the construction and commercial duties of ZeerCO, he is also well versed in establishing investment companies and handles all the day to day operations for ZeerCO Development.

Christopher Zeer, Vice President
Christopher is in charge of the residential construction for the company and manages several retail properties.

Gardenia Zeer, Secretary & Office Manager
Gardenia manages the accounts payable, receivables, and runs all of the daily office operations.

ZeerCO is a diversified, full-service commercial and residential real estate development company based in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Since 1990, founder Hikmat (Tony) Zeer and his sons, Michael and Christopher Zeer, have established a trusted reputation in real estate leadership.

ZeerCO emphasizes on commercial and residential development along with brokerage, construction, retail development, management and land acquisition. Today ZeerCO Development is one of the largest residential lakefront developers in northern Oakland County, Michigan – one of the nation’s fastest growing areas.

Since 1990, we have acquired and developed a vast range of commercial and residential property. The success to ZeerCO's rapid growth is a strong, intelligent team working together creatively and efficiently to obtain and develop prime property at an attractive price. ZeerCO looks forward to a bright future of continued growth and prosperity.

Put your trust in ZeerCO and we will put your property to work for you.